1 / Surfe at your level
You are a beginner:
-Rest in mosses or small waves
-Use a foam board
-Do not surf the edge rollers
-Protect your head in case of fall

2 / Do not panic if you are caught by the current
-Do not try to come back to the edge of the beach
-Rest on your board
-Again the arms to alert the rescue

3 / Smart surfe
-Choose waves adapted to your level
-Choose less frequented spots
-Never surf during stormy weather
-Protect yourself from the sun
-Uses sunscreen

4 / Respect bathing areas

5 / Respects the rules of priority and user-friendliness
Basic rule: 1 wave, 1 surfer
-The surfer most inside the surge has priority
-Do not go on a wave if there is someone in front
-Do not let go of your board by making “ducks”
-Avoid collisions; bypasses the surf zone to get off.


To practice the Sup: I can swim and I do not sail during thunderstorms

1 / I practice sup sea / ocean
-I always use a leash
-I inquire about weather forecasts

A / I sail between 300m and 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) and my sup exceeds 3.50 m
-I inform you of my departure
-I am sailing with at least one other practitioner and by day
-I must, in addition, equip myself:
Individual waterproof light marking
A vest and / or combination (thermal protection)
A first aid kit and a means of communication

B / I surf or I sail up to 300 m = beach gear
In the waves, I respect the 5 big safety surfing: respect of the bathing areas and rules of priority, waves adapted to my level, low spots, wearing leash

2 / I practice the sup in indoor water

A / In lake or canal (without current)
-I always use a leash
-It is recommended to use a buoyancy aid

B / In the river / River (with current)
-The leash is forbidden
-I always use a buoyancy aid and closed shoes
– If I start, I first learn about a calm water

Document published by the French Surf Federation