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In Biscarrosse Plage in the Landes

PointBreak, Surf school

Welcome to Pointbreak!

The beaches of Biscarrosse are in France and Europe among the most favorable surfing. The Point Break Surf School is run by Yann Ebrard who is very involved in the surf world. Yann is an international judge and also trainer at the Federal Surfing Patents.

Join us quickly and come and enjoy thanks to all the team of surf school Point break learning surfing on the waves Landaises with the maximum pleasure possible.

In Biscarrosse in the Landes, the Surf School Point Break offers a range of formulas for all ages and all levels. Whether you are a beginner, or you want to improve yourself as efficiently as possible, the school has a new, high-quality equipment adapted to your level. Each instructor who will supervise you is a graduate of the State Certificate of Surf Instructor. You will be able to surf in the best conditions of safety and with an optimal entertainment!

Point Break provides courses and courses throughout the summer and during the Easter and All Saints holidays. It organizes group or individual lessons throughout the week, for young children, beginners of all ages and experienced surfers. The surf school Point Break is labeled the French Federation of Surfing, which guarantees safety, learning and hygiene measures of optimal combinations.

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Yann Ébrard

Yann is the head of the Point Break Surf School.

He is an international surf judge in the French team and a trainer in the federal surfing patents.

Yann is a state-certified instructor with 16 years experience in surf school. Attentive to your progress during the surf lessons and not hesitating to give you theoretical and practical advice, it will be of a precious help to you during your surfing lessons in Biscarrosse.

Other state-sponsored instructors are present in the summer to provide more surfing lessons. There is a maximum of 8 adult pupils or 4 pupils per instructor, which guarantees safety and comfort for everyone and accelerates your surfing progress.

PointBreak, Surf school


Bars & Restaurants

Le Bleu Banane

Contact :
Place Georges Dufau,
40600 Biscarrosse-Plage

Motel Bar

Café bar
Contact :
84 Rue des Tamaris,
40600 Biscarrosse-Plage

Le Globe Trotter Café

Bar à Thèmes
Contact :
374 Avenue de la Côte d’Argent,
40600 Biscarrosse

Le Corto Maltese

Restaurant Traditionnel
Contact :
403 Rue des Hirondelles,
40600 Biscarrosse-Plage
Site du Corto

Restaurant L’Archipel

Contact :
511 Avenue de la Plage,
40600 Biscarrosse


Contact :
327 Boulevard d’Arcachon,
40600 Biscarrosse

L’Instant Gourmet

Contact :
1300 avenue du Pyla,
40600 Biscarrosse

Le Globe Trotter Café

Bar à Thèmes
Contact :
374 Avenue de la Côte d’Argent,
40600 Biscarrosse


Boulangerie Pâtisserie: Chez Dupuy

et bien d’autres choses pour vos papilles, glaces, chocolats, smoothies … rue piétonne, Biscarrosse plage

Magic Glisse – Tao Surfshop

L’école de surf à Hossegor de Fred Tisné
Contact : –
Le Point d’Or – Plage Sud – 385 Avenue de la Dune
40150 Hossegor

Visitez son site Web

In Biscarrosse Beach in the Landes 40

PointBreak, Stand up paddle School


Stand up Paddle School at Biscarrosse Plage in the Landes

Welcome to Pointbreak !

The stand-up paddle school (SUP) has been running for 7 years and is in collaboration with the Pointbreak surf school run by Yann Ébrard. Our school is labeled French surf school. It is safely and in the conviviality that our instructors graduated from the State Brevet will bring courses and courses of stand up paddle on the water of Biscarrosse.

Join us quickly and come and enjoy thanks to all the team of surf school Point break learning stand up paddle on water bodies Landais with the maximum pleasure possible.

Book your lessons or your surf course on the site with secure payment by credit card.

What is Stand Up Paddle (SUP)?

SUP is a sport of rowing standing on a large surfboard with a paddle.
This sport is not that recent. In the 1940s, it was the Duke Kahanamoku and the Waikiki Beach Boys in Hawaii who used big boards made of wood to take waves and photograph tourists line up.

The environment of Biscarrosse lends itself particularly to this activity with its lakes, its pond and its channels allowing to practice the stand up paddle in any condition.

Our instructors will take you to the calmest water possible and protected from the wind for ease.

This activity is accessible to everyone from 10 to 99 years old.

Stand-up paddle learning is a difficult activity in the ocean. The school SUP Point break initiates and offers mainly courses in Lake Biscarrosse in calm water.

Stand Up Paddle for all?

The SUP Point Break School welcomes a diverse audience throughout the year. We set up a pedagogy adapted to all types of public and all age groups from 5 years (school groups, associations, town halls, individuals).

Our structure

The SUP Point Break team consists of a qualified instructor and a secretary from March 15th to November 15th. During the two summer months of July & August, the school hires a person who transports young people to the lakes.

The human resources thus set up make it possible to meet all expectations in perfect conditions of safety and guarantee a good educational follow-up, as well as a good reception of the public.

The main structure is located on the ocean square, converted into a reception point, secure male / female locker showers allowing participants to store their belongings. more

Coaching and security

All the instructors are holders in addition to the BNSSA (national patent of safety and aquatic rescue), the state patent of Sports Educator Surf or the Professional Certificate of the Youth and Popular Education and sports surf option, or are in training in the process of acquiring one of these two state certificates or holders of a specific surf and / or bodyboard qualification.

The monitors follow before the beginning of the season a continuous control dispensed by the Biscarrosse Olympique Rescue and first aid, related to the accidents likely to occur during their exercise.

Each monitor has a security bag containing:
• First aid kit
• Cellphone
• Oxygen block (in the case of a closed emergency station located at the reception point)

Our material

The SUP Point Break School is equipped with stand up boards for all levels.

For beginners we have foam boards, adapting to all sizes.

Once the basics are acquired and the participants are able to take a course at the ocean, we can continue learning more technical SUP epoxy or resin.

We have adjustable paddles that adapt to any size.

Lifejackets of all sizes are available.

Combinations are also available in many sizes and thicknesses depending on the season, which allows students appreciable comfort during practice. For the coldest times of the year, the school provides slippers.

Sports and environmental goals

One of the objectives of the SUP Point Break School is to convey the respect of the educational and environmental notions related to the practice of SUP.

• Young people must be made aware of the preservation of the environments in which SUP is practiced (lakes, ocean). The Point Break team helps them to acquire the basics of environmental reasoning, conveys the notion of respect for others and teaches them the instructions of their activity to ensure their safety.

• The SUP school is committed to educating students about respect and protection of nature as the activity is an ecological practice.

• The transmission of sports objectives is in line with the code of ethics of the French Surf Federation’s label.

Our educational values

One of the priorities of the SUP school is to teach young people how to live together by accepting the rules imposed by community life. The school acts in complementarity with the family and the educational places (schools, colleges …).

Our qualified and experienced educational team has as priorities:

• Promote socialization, exchange, autonomy.

• Respect adults and other young people during activity sessions.

• Learn to respect the rules.

• Be uncompromising about non-compliant behavior.

It is on the values of the stand up paddle that we rely to achieve these goals.

Our educational project

The courses allow the teaching team to transmit the following intentions:

• Be able to control specific information related to the aquatic environment and weather conditions.

• Appropriate the regulations in force for the practice of SUP.

• The transmission of sports objectives in connection with the code of ethics of the French Surf Federation.

• Be able to analyze the environment and conditions for safe SUP practice.

• To be able to choose equipment according to the conditions of practice and the weather.

• To assimilate the techniques related to the practice of the SUP according to its level of practice and its capacities.

Practical information, Access & Map

Opening hours

The surf school is open from March 15 to November 15 and provides classes on the beach of Biscarrosse. During this period the school is open from 9:30 to 18:30 continuously, except during the high season (July-August) the school is open from 8h to 20h.

For a practice adapted to the different levels and to the meteorological conditions, the battles of the courses are stopped in case of storm or winds too violent. Point Break therefore reserves the right to modify them, in particular for security reasons.


Point Break
66 Place de l’Océan
Résidence Océan
40600 Biscarrosse Plage
Aquitaine, France

École et boutique: +33 5 58 09 71 59

GPS coordinates


Places of activity

Lake Maguide is a great place to start because this place is often protected from the prevailing north and west winds and practitioners have feet in case of a fall.

Canals connect the two Biscarosse lakes passing in the middle of the forest of the moors, they offer us a very smooth body of water ideal for the practice of stand up paddle even when the wind is very strong.

The stand up paddle at the ocean is practiced at the central beach. More technical, it is better to do some sessions at the lake before.


The SUP school takes care of the trip to the lake with an 8 seater truck. Travel time is variable depending on the location where the activity takes place (weather condition), allow 10 minutes on average.

• Departure of the bus in July-August from Le Vivier

• Off-season bus departure from PointBreak surf shop

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