Rental Conditions

1. Proper Use and Ownership of Materials

The customer must use the Material skillfully and appropriately for the intended purpose and in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.
The Client acknowledges that the Equipment remains the property of Point Break. During the Rental Period, the Client will not sell, hire, pledge, assign, transfer or otherwise relinquish the Equipment in any way that may affect Point Break's ownership of the Equipment.
The Customer acknowledges that he/she has satisfied himself/herself of the quality and suitability of the Material for his/her needs when taking delivery of the Material.

2. Deposit

For all long term rentals, you will be asked to provide proof of identity and/or a deposit cheque, depending on the equipment borrowed.

3. Breakage and Degradation

Point Break draws the attention of its clients to the obligation to be properly insured for civil liability.
The Customer shall be liable for any loss or damage to the Equipment for any reason whatsoever except loss or damage resulting from normal wear and tear.
In the event of breakage of the Equipment or a defect occurring during the Rental Period, the Client will return it immediately or notify Point Break. The Client will not repair or attempt to repair or have repaired the Equipment without the prior written consent of Point Break.
If the breakage or defect is caused by normal wear and tear or by a defect in the Equipment, and was not caused or contributed to by misuse or negligence on the part of the Client or any person under their control, the rental period will end when the equipment is returned to Point Break.
Point Break will not be liable in any way for any expense, loss or sum of money resulting in delay, inconvenience or damage suffered by the Client (including no liability for any consequential damages) resulting from any breakage or defect in the Equipment whether caused by normal wear and tear, lack of repair, negligence or any other reason.

4. Return of Material

The client will return the Equipment to Point Break on or before the date specified at the time of booking, in good condition, including properly cleaned.

5. Security

The Customer acknowledges that in relation to the Materials and their use, it is the Customer's responsibility to obtain any advice and information necessary for the safety and proper use of the Materials. The Customer assumes all risk and liability in respect of the Materials and for injury to or death of persons and damage to property resulting from the possession, use or storage of the Materials.
Point break will not be liable for any personal injury or material damage caused by the use or misuse of the rented Equipment (Articles 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code).
To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Client will indemnify Point Break for any loss or damage to the Material, and any/all loss, damage, claims, expenses, damages, costs or legal action that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the disposal, use and storage of the Material.

After using the equipment please rinse the surfboards to remove the sand otherwise you will be charged 4 €.
The use of the showers is reserved for classes.


  • A star, a slight scratch or an abnormal depression (rail, nose, tail...): 15€
  • For resin boards that take on water,
    infiltration of less than 3 cm: 30€
  • Infiltration greater than 5 cm, finning
    or encounter with another board: 45€
  • For boards bic any water infiltration: 380€ 
  • Daggerboard torn or broken: 15€ (the drift)
  • Spoiler plug torn off: 30€ (per plug)
  • Broken board: Price of the board