Safety rules


1 / Surf at your level

Are you a beginner?
  • Stay in the mosses or small waves
  • Use a foam board
  • Do not surf the edge rolls
  • Protect your head in case of a fall

2/ Don't panic if you get caught in the current

  • Don't try to return to the beach
  • Stay on your board
  • Waves arms to alert helpers

3/ Smart surfing

  • Choose waves adapted to your level
  • Choose spots that are not too busy
  • Never surf in stormy weather
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Use sunscreen

4/ Respect the bathing areas

5/ Respect the rules of priority and conviviality

  • Basic rule: 1 wave, 1 surfer
  • The surfer furthest inland from the breaker has priority
  • Don't ride a wave if there's someone ahead
  • Don't let go of your board by doing "ducks".
  • Avoid collisions; go around the surf zone to get to the open sea.

Document published by the French Surfing Federation